Why Have a Small Friendship Circle?

Melinda Price
2 min readNov 23, 2022
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Without a doubt, having a diverse circle of friends keeps life flavorful and interesting but at the end of the day, we all need a core group of high-quality friends we can call when life is brutally painful, when we need a sounding board for important decisions, when we are feeling lonely, or need wise counsel.

But just like anything else of high quality, friendships of high quality are only built by investing time and energy on a consistent basis.

Are you wanting closer friendships?

  1. If so, first determine who you want in that circle. You may already know those people. Be choosy with who you have in your inner circle.
  2. Second, you need to prioritize and set aside time and energy specifically for building your friendship circle. Call up those people that you want in your inner circle and set up consistent times to get together. They may not be available during this season of life, and that’s okay. What’s meant to be will work out but check with them later! In the meantime, work on finding other people you may want in your inner circle.
  3. Guard time with those friends. If something comes up (and something always will!) either say no to the other thing or reschedule instantly. Remember, your friends are busy too so rescheduling can be a mess. If you have to reschedule, avoid saying things like, “Let’s set up a time soon…” Do it while you are talking to them. Don’t put off until later what you can accomplish immediately.

Remember, solid and healthy friendships don’t grow themselves. Go get ‘em!



Melinda Price

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