Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

I’m learning courage,

Learning to be,

I’m learning you,

Trying to learn you,

The best that I can.

I trip as I walk,

I break as I try,

I disappoint and wound,

as I’m learning you,

trying to learn you,

The best that I can.

We can only do this together,

We will only make it together,

shaped by love, when we learn this together,

when we learn each other,

the best that we can.

We will trip as we walk,

Hand-in-hand, moving, growing,

Learning to be,

Learning real love, trust, courage,

Learning together,

Learning each other,

The best that we can.



Melinda Price Adair

Melinda Price Adair

Shenaninganizer. Thinker. Leader. Coach. Certified Trauma Support Specialist (CTSS). I love Jesus, people, music, and food.